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What will you tell the trees?

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My book writing journey

Have you ever noticed how unhappy some people are? They drag themselves out of bed and go to work, come home tired, and tune out the world by watching TV so they can feel a small sense of happiness and relief. When you ask them why they don’t change their job or do something different, they resign themselves to the fact that everyone hates their jobs.

That was my story, which went something like this:

The workday focus was chaotic.

Unrealistic deadlines.

High-turnover and revolving doors.

Overwork from empty seats. 

No time to create, explore, or bring up thoughtful ideas. 

I spent every night loathing going back to work the next day. The weekends never felt long enough. Panic attacks and anxiety were the norm.

When I first started there, I was spunky and motivated to do well. I had lots of great ideas. The marketing team saw me as a productive, go-getter that got things done “no matter what.” But my husband and kids were worried about me. 

While I was making good money, my effort and drive diminished because of micromanagement, overwork, and a toxic workplace.

It burned me out.

I was simply surviving my life, not living it.

After a few months off, I tried to find work, but every job posting brought on more dread. I took some time to explore my passions and understand my natural tendency toward creating. 

I remembered a time when I was a kid that I was pretending in the woods behind my house. I loved to talk to the trees and pretend they were listening to me. I would spend hours there, imagining stories and escaping my real life to invent a life I wanted. During that time, someone gifted me a journal. My imagination and play turned into writing pages and pages of words. And that is how my love for writing started. 

In 2020, I wrote my first book – this was during the pandemic and before returning to work. When that job failed, I decided it was time to explore my passions. I turned to writing again. 

I am writing my second book, as well as freelancing in marketing & design. I am no longer dreading work or despising my weekends. 

Now I enjoy teaching people what I’m learning: how to promote their self-published books and bring their creative ideas to life.  

You wrote a book, now what?

Writing and editing your book is a big step. 

You did it!

But now what should you do?

Now you have to tell people about it.

There are a lot of places to promote your book:

  • social media
  • promotion sites
  • blogs
  • email marketing
  • guest posts


Where do you begin?

You begin by going to where your audience is. You find them. And then you build your personal brand while encouraging trust.

I show you how to promote your book and build your list for promotions, launches, and more.

Grow Your Book Audience

I created “Tell the Trees” so that I could encourage and support other writers who want to write and promote their book ideas. I offer blog posts, resources, and promotional materials to help you promote your book.

Want to get started?

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What is "Tell the Trees"?

Getting out all the ideas and stories on paper is what I refer to when I say “Tell the Trees”.  The saying has come to mean more to me as I decided to start my own business and dedicate my time to writing and designing full-time. One of my favorite things to do is to look out my window. I’m surrounded by natural beauty and the trees are what inspire me to write.